Spring Cone Crusher

Detailed introduction

Spring Cone Crusher

Characteristics of Spring Cone Crusher

1. Reliable structure 
2. High productivity
3. Easy adjustment
4. Its spring insurance system is the overload protection device, which can guarantee the metal-like things go through the crushing chamber without detriment to the machine;
5. Adopting two types of sealing--- oil seal and water seal to separate powder from lubricants to ensure reliable performance.
6. Moving cone rotates continuously, so the crushing and the discharge process along the surface is carried out alternatively, which paves the way for the high productivity;
7. The material is sandwiched between the two cones, and it is crushed more easily by extrusion, bending and shearing, with lower power consumption.
8. Simple structure: Stander, Horizontal Axis, Moving Cone, Balancing Wheels, Eccentric Sleeve, Up Broken Wall (Fixed Cone), Under Broken Wall (Moving Cone), Fluid Couplings, Lubrication System, Hydraulic System and Control System, etc. 

Application of Spring Cone Crusher
It is popularly used to crush various kinds of over than medium hardness ores and rocks. 
The type of crushing cavity is decided by the usage of the ores: the standard cavity type is applicable for medium crushing; the medium cavity is for fine crushing and the short head type is for ultra-fine crushing. 

Technical Parameters of Spring Cone Crusher