Single Cylinder Cone Crusher

Detailed introduction

Shanbao' s single cylinder cone crusher can produce even grain by changing the old idea and adopting the  most advanced layer-pressing crushing technique. With high automatic technology suitable eccentricity discharging port setting and automatic stabilizing feed etc materials can be compressed and crushed in the crushing hamber specially designed. This machine generally applied in secondary and tertiary crushing is suitable for various fields such
as buildingmetallurgy road constructionmining water  conservancy etc. The suitable materials include iron ore copper orelimestone graniteetc.

The main part consists of

1.Even feeding device   
2.Crushing chamber
3.Top shell                   
4.Main shaft
S.Bottom shell             
6.Eccentric sleeve
7.Hydraulic cylinder      &.Driving part


•layer-crushingUniform Discharging
• Adopting direct metal-contacting method makes it easy for replacing stationary cone liner and Mobile one.
• Efficient rotary feeding device lead to a balanced wear
to the liner
•Blowing dust system could make an internal cleaning
• Automatic over1oad protection device against iron materialentering
• Rotating bevel gear system is operated without sound