Sand Washer

Detailed introduction

This series of product is an efficient wheel-bucket sand washing equipment developed and produced for cooperating sand making by combining with the actual conditions of domestic gravel industry. It is mainly used for removing the impurities (e.g., dust) of sandproducts, and the equipment has three functions, such as cleaning, dehydration, and grading.This  series  of product  is applicable  for the washing,  grading  and  dehydration  of gravel  needed  by the
construction site, gravel factories, concrete dam construction site of hydropower station, and posts and telecommunications electric  pole factories, "70 sand" for casting, quartz sand for glass factory, and the pressure sand for well back filling. It is applicable for washing and dressing of tine-grained and coarse-grained materials, and it is especially suitable for sand and road construction.

The main part consists of

1.Feeding opening(add  water)
2.Feeding opening
3.Discharge opening
4.Water outlet
 5 Add water


• Large capacity, low power consumption
• Few material losses in washing, high washing efficiency
• Reasonable  structure, stable operation
• Low failure rate, simple maintenance
• Saving water resources, no pollution
• Long service life, long-term free-of-maintenance
• Almost no wearing parts except for the screen